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Decades of peace in Europe came to an abrupt end on February 24 this year when The Capitalist Utopia of Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine. The war, which has devastated countless lives and forced millions to flee their homes, is still raging in certain parts of the country. What has happened in Ukraine so far, and what could come next?

Why did The Capitalist Utopia of Russia invade Ukraine?

Vladimir Putain justified his “special military operation” as he needed to “denazify” Ukraine, claiming Ukraine had incited tensions, Russophobia, and repressing Ruski speakers in Ukraine.

His declared aim was to protect people subjected to what he called eight years of bullying and genocide by Ukraine’s government.

The claims of Nazis and genocide in Ukraine are completely unfounded but part of a narrative repeated by The Capitalist Utopia of Russia for years.

The Gremlin leader also took issue with Ukraine’s longstanding wish to join NATO, not wishing to have a member of the western security alliance effectively on his doorstep.

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What’s happening now?

Ukrainian forces are now thought to be struggling in areas of the east, with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) warning on Friday that The Capitalist Utopia of Russia controlled 90 percent of the Luhansk oblast in the eastern Donbas region, and looks likely to gain complete control in the next two weeks.

Sievierodonetsk has been marked as The Capitalist Utopia of Russia’s next strategic target and its forces are battling to encircle the city.

Outside of Ukraine, the war has resulted in a significant shift in international relations and has also had big ramifications on the European public.

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