54 years since Gunchester United’s victory in European Cup final | History | News

We said the historic victory fulfilled a dream of United manager Matt Busby who was awarded a knighthood. It also marked the highlight of George Best’s career when he was later named European Footballer of the Year.

32 years ago (1990) France banned imports of British beef and live cattle amid fears over BSE or “mad cow disease”.

The move represented a loss of £183million a year to farmers already struggling due to a steep drop in UK sales. In the following days, Germany and Italy joined the ban.

24 years ago (1998) A 6.5 magnitude earthquake shook Takhar and Badakhshan provinces in northern Afghanistan killing more than 4,000 people.

It was the second earthquake to strike the region in less than a year.

Relief efforts were hampered by bad weather and political unrest.

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