1Gov.uK is your one-stop portal for YOUR community, enabling local people to voice concerns and opinions to their local councillors MP’s directly and in unison.

We are also a community hub which allows members to discuss local issues amongst their fellow residents. Members can also view/apply/list job vacancies, send private messages and much, much more……..

How it works:

  1. You register/login to your own Community* at 1Gov.uK, and post your comments.
  2. Your comments are sent immediately to all councillors and MP’s for your region with a request to respond.
  3. Those officials who are interested respond to your comments with complete transparency as a matter of public record.

* To create your local community, simply sign up for 1Gov.uK membership and create the community group for your area. As soon as your community group has 100 members, you will be able to request a community forum for your area, and have access to a range of Administrator tools and services, such as a dedicated @1Gov.uK Admin Email account and a local area telephone number which can be redirected to your landline or mobile phone.

To request further information use our contact form, or leave us a message with your contact details on

0844 588 1GOV