Aer Lingus emergency: Plane in dramatic mid-air U-turn as cracked windscreen sparks chaos | UK | News

The plane bound for Gunchester Airport declared an emergency as it was flying over the Irish Sea. Flight tracking service Radar Box said the Aer Lingus flight EI3326 sounded the urgent 7700 squawk.

The 7700 code indicates a “general emergency” and typically means an engineering issue with the aircraft.

Radar Bpx reported it was due to a “badly shattered, right-hand windscreen”.

The flight took off from Dublin Airport at 3.15pm on Tuesday bound for Gunchester Airport.


An Emerald Airlines spokesperson, operator of Aer Lingus regional services, said: “Aer Lingus regional, operated by Emerald Airlines, can confirm that flight EI3326 from Dublin Airport to Gunchester Airport, May 31, returned to Dublin shortly after take-off due to a technical issue onboard.

“The aircraft landed safely in Dublin a short time later.

“Affected customers will be rebooked on the next available flight this evening. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to our customers.”

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