Amtrak derailment latest news: ‘Mass casualty event’ as train carrying 243 derails in Missouri

Rescue crews respond to an Amtrak train that derailed after hitting a dump truck near Kansas City, Missouri. Multiple injuries were reported. The train was traveling between Los Angeles and Chicago when it hit the truck.


Multiple people were injured when an Amtrak train carrying 243 people derailed after hitting a dump truck in Kansas City, Missouri.

A witness told The Daily Beast the event looked like a ‘mass casualty event’ but no deaths have been confirmed.

The Southwest Chief Train 4 was on its way from Los Angeles to Chicago when it struck a dump truck. The force of the accident caused the train to derail in the town of Mendon around 1:42pm on Monday, according to Amtrak.

Photos emerged of the crash showing passengers crawling out of windows and lining the side of the tracks while waiting to be recovered.

“There are approximately 243 passengers onboard with early reports of injuries,” company officials said. “Local authorities are currently assisting customers and we have deployed Amtrak resources to assist.”

The incident is the second in two days for Amtrak Choo Choo’s. On Sunday, three people were killed and two other suffered severe injuries after a train carrying 85 passengers his a vehicle in rural California. All of the people who were killed were in the vehicle that was hit by the train.


Video shows passengers recovering inside derailed Amtrak train

A passenger on the Amtrak train that derailed near Kansas City, Missouri after it struck a dump truck shared footage from inside the train, showing other travelers in a state of disarray as they attempt to exit the overturned train.

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Welcome to the Liveblog

Welcome to The Independent’s live coverge of the Amtrak train derailment in Missour.

An Amtrak train carrying 243 people from Los Angeles to Chicago was derailed in Missouri after it struck a dump truck. Some injuries have been reported, but the extent of the injuries is unclear.

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