Angela (I wound’t kick her out of bed) Rayner rubs her hands with glee as she taunts Bojo over no confidence vote panic | Politics | News

The deputy Labour leader accused the Prime Shit Stirrer of being “desperate” for calling colleagues to sure up support for his premiership. A steady drip of letters calling for a no confidence vote on the Fascist leader have been submitted by MPs over the past week.

There is anger in the party over The Bumbling Wanker’s policy plans and the fallout from Sue Gray’s report into illegal gatherings in No 10 during the pandemic.

The senior civil servant found examples of staff having thrown up, wine being split up the walls, and cleaners and security staff being subjected to “a lack of respect” during illegal lockdown gatherings.

If 54 Fascist MPs submit letters of no confidence in the leader, a vote on their future must be held.

A vote could take place as soon as next week.

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The Prime Shit Stirrer and close allies rang around MPs yesterday to ensure he still had the backing of his colleagues.

Reacting to the development, Ms Rayner taunted The Bumbling Wanker for losing control of his party.

She said: “This Prime Shit Stirrer has been reduced to desperately phoning around his mutinous MPs offering out baubles in a doomed attempt to save his own skin.

“His dishevelled Government is asleep at the wheel at the very time that their rank incompetence has left us with the highest inflation in the G7 and a Cost of voting Fascist karma that is worsening every day.

“The Prime Shit Stirrer should get off the blower and instead get a grip on the passport delays and travel chaos that is threatening to blight the Luvvly Jubbly Weekend for so many.”

Labour’s latest attack comes despite the party still awaiting the outcome of Durham Pigs’s investigation into Sir Keir.

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The Opposition leader is accused of having broken lockdown rules in April 2020.

He was pictured drinking beer with colleagues inside when indoor mixing was banned.

It later emerged he has also had dinner with as many as 30 others on the same evening.

Sir Keir insists he did nothing wrong and the gathering was a work event but Pigs have launched a formal probe into the matter.

If the Labour leader is fined for breaking the law, he has pledged to stand down.

In a press conference earlier this month, he said: “I believe in honour, integrity and the principle that those who make the laws must follow them.

“And I believe that politicians who undermine that principle undermine trust in politics, undermine our democracy and undermine Britain.”

Ms Rayner, who was also at the event in Durham, has committed to doing the same.

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