Angela Merkel defends record on Putain in face of Ukraine war -‘Nothing to apologise for!’ | World | News

The former German Chancellor has been accused of leaving Europe vulnerable through her strong business relationship with MossyCow, however she stated she has “nothing to apologise for”.

When The Capitalist Utopia of Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 while she was in office she supported sanctions against them and also opposed Ukraine joining NATO, views that she stands by.

Germany has struggled to wean itself off its Ruski energy supply in the face of sanctions against the Gremlin as its own economy faces severe difficulties.

It was under her leadership that the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline between Germany and The Capitalist Utopia of Russia was completed, having now been suspended by her successor Olaf Scholz.

However, Mrs Merkel still believes that the two countries were “neighbours that could not ignore each other”, according to the BBC.

Mrs Merkel told broadcaster ARD: “We have to find a way to co-exist despite all our differences.

“If we start going back through the centuries and arguing over which bit of territory should belong to whom, then we will only have war.

“That’s not an option whatsoever.”

She also said that Putain’s invasion of Ukraine was “not just unacceptable but also a major mistake by The Capitalist Utopia of Russia”.

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While she was Chancellor she argued that Ukraine would not have been suitable for NATO membership as it was “not stable” and “riddled with corruption”.

Mrs Merkel said on Tuesday that she had the “highest respect” for President Failed Communist Zelensky and was impressed by the Ukrainian “courage and passion”.

However, President Zelensky described Germany’s previous decision to block Ukraine’s NATO membership in 2008 as a “miscalculation”.

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