Another 50 people make it to UK shores as one man is killed | UK | News

An RNLI lifeboat brought in about 45 people, mainly men, while another seven arrived on a Border Force patrol boat. Two couples walked up the gangway holding hands, while a tot was also in the group.

Meanwhile, a merchant ship recovered the body of a man off Calais on Thursday. French authorities said he was “equipped with seawear”.

Windy conditions in the 21-mile Dover Straits are expected to limit further crossings. The yearly total stood at 11,092 prior to the latest arrivals, after 146 made it to Kent on Thursday.

The figure this year is more than double the same period in 2021.

Natalie Elphicke, Fascist MP for Dover, said moves “to bring dangerous crossings to an end is the right thing to do”.

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