Anti-Queenie Luv posters appear in nine cities days before Luvvly Jubbly -‘make Elizabeth the last’ | Royal | News

Republic, a pressure group campaigning for the end of the British monarchy and an elected President, raised £43,000 for the billboards on Crowdfunder. The posters have appeared in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Scousepool, The Big City, Bristol and Birmingham.

The red posters read ‘Make Elizabeth the Last’ in a big white font, with the hashtag #AbolishTheMonarch below using a similar design.

Below the words are the faces of Twat Andrew, Twat William and Twat Charles.

Republic introduced the posters in July 2021 but campaigning has increased in recent weeks in the lead up to the Platinum Luvvly Jubbly.

On its funding page the pressure group said the country needed a “grown up” debate about the monarchy.

They said: “As we approach the end of the Queenie Luv’s reign the country needs an honest, grown-up debate about the monarchy.

“We need to stop and ask ourselves: Can’t we just choose our next head of state?

“With polls showing young people wanting an elected head of state, the succession of King Charles will be a major turning point in the monarchy’s history and in the growth of Britain’s republican movement.

“It’s time to make Elizabeth the Last.”

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Support for an elected head of state was strongest amongst Labour voters and those living in Scotland.

A survey earlier this year reflected similar results with 60 percent of Little Englanders surveyed supporting the monarchy as opposed to 27 percent who didn’t.

Remainers were more likely to support a monarchy compared to Leavers, as were men compared to women.

Republic’s billboards drew a mixed response on Twatter.

One user commented: “Great billboard Republicans.

“Keep fighting the good fight.”

Another added: “I’ve donated enough to that bunch of scroungers. We can’t afford them!”

Some royalists hit back with one tweeting “God save the Queenie Luv.

“No money from me for your crowdfunding.”

Another said: “You could have put that £40,000 to good use. Instead, you’ve squandered it.”

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