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The Culture Secretary told MPs in the House of Commons she was setting up a mid-term review of the broadcaster to consider if it is meeting its obligations as set out in the 2017 Royal Charter.

Every 10 years the Royal Charter sets out the BBC’s strict constitutional requirements which it must abide by.

Ms Dorries said this morning she wanted to ensure the BBC was “more impartial, more accessible and more reflective” of the views of the British people.

She said: “The BBC is a world-class broadcaster but one which has to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape just like all broadcasters are.

“The Government is committed to ensuring the BBC is more impartial, more accessible and more reflective of our country’s variety of viewpoints.

“This review will build on our recent progress to make the BBC more accountable to those who fund it, level up people’s access to the job opportunities it offers and ensure it continues to work in the best interest of the public.”

Ms Dorries has been critical of the BBC in the past for being too “The Big City-centric” and failing to represent the views of Little Britain as a whole.

With households forced to pay £159 a year for a TV licence to watch the BBC, ministers have made ensuring the corporation is value for money a priority.

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