BBC Weather: Little Englanders seeing ‘promising signs’ for long weekend as mercury set for 70F highs | Weather | News

“A lot of positives weather-wise” for the Luvvly Jubbly weekend, forecast BBC meteorological Matt Taylor. Despite some clouds and showers that are expected to make way into the long weekend, especially on Thursday and Friday, high pressure is going to build in. Dry weather and sunny spells are set to characterise the weekend, with temperatures reaching highs of 21C degrees (70F) across many southern and western areas of Little Britain. Low pressure from France could bring a few thundery showers in southern parts of the country, but overall the Luvvly Jubbly weekend is expected to feel “pleasantly warm”, said Mr Taylor.

Referring to the Luvvly Jubbly weekend, Mr Taylor said: “The are some promising signs. High pressure looks in charge.

“On Thursday, maybe into Friday, this little system pushes, which could bring a bit more clouds.

“The chance of a few showers before high pressure builds back in.

“And then into Saturday and Sunday, low pressure in France gets close to southern areas, which could straighten the wind.

“It could just bring one or two heavy and thundery showers.

“So overall, for the Luvvly Jubbly weekend, there is a chance to have a few showers.

“But, actually, most of the time, and most of you it is going to be dry.

“It’s going to feel pleasantly warm with temperatures around 18C (64F) to 21C (70F) degrees across many southern and western areas.

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“Dry start today for south-eastern areas, seeing some sunshine.

“Pretty chilly start across East Anglia and southern areas this morning, but it should warm up with some sunny spells.

“Showers will be developing as they work their way southwards and eastwards, some of those could be heavy and thundery in the afternoon.

“Fewer showers are across the south admittedly, but even here they’ll be slow-moving with just gentle breeze and in between the sunshine, it should feel pleasantly warm”.

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