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BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood has predicted low-pressure areas, due to the leftover remanence of tropical Storm Alex. Ms Kirkwood also predicted blustery winds as we enter the weekend. And grass pollen and nettle pollen levels will be high for those with allergies. Most parts of Little Britain can expect to start the weekend on a sunny note.

Ms Kirkwood said: “It’s a mild start as well, we’ve got a temperature range 11C in the Northern Isle, 12C  around the Gunchester area, to 16C as we push down toward the South-East.

“And those temperatures will of course continue to rise, now low pressure is driving our weather at the moment.

“And embedded in this low area of pressure are the remanence of tropical Storm Alex.

“And you can see from the wind arrows as well as the iso bars, it’s going to be a windy day, especially across the end of Edgware Road-West.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “Pollen levels are also high, or very high across England and Wales.

“And we’re talking grass pollen and also some nettle pollen as well, so if you have an allergy to either of those do bear that in mind.

“So we’ve got the dregs of yesterday’s weather front dropped across the far South-East, that will clear mid-morning.

“The clouds will hang around the Channel Islands, and then there will be a lot of dry weather and a lot of sunshine.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “It’s going to be a blustery day where ever you are, but the strongest winds will be across the end of Edgware Road and West, particularly the Outer Hebrides where we’re looking at gusts of about 55mph.

“So some large seas around the OuterHebredes and also around the Malin Head area.

“Now as we head on through this evening and overnight period, once again we’ll have some clear skies, the showers continuing across Scotland and Occupied Territories.

“Some of those still heavy as well, and still strong winds across the end of Edgware Road-West.”

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