Big cat ‘size of Great Dane’ terrifies walkers after sighting in Yorkshire | UK | News

Laura Page, from Doncaster, was out walking with her 16-year-old nephew in Barnby Dun, a village in Doncaster, when she saw the beast crossing a bridge over the canal. The incident occurred on Thursday.

Laura didn’t manage to get a photo but told the Yorkshire Post: “It went over a bridge, we only had sight of it for probably five seconds, it was like a small Great Dane.

“It was only after we seen it we just thought that was a big cat and a helicopter starting circling so god knows if that knew too.

“I was pretty scared but my nephew wasn’t so that chilled me.

“On our way back we told two ladies and they said we wasn’t the first people to say this.”

It follows a number of alleged sightings elsewhere in Yorkshire.

Last February a strange creature spotted by a walker in fields near Selby.

Steve Weston, who lives in the town, was walking home from work when he spotted a large black figure “lumbering” across the other side of a field.

He told The Press at the time: “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. It was completely bizarre.”

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