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Despite winning a recent confidence vote, the Prime Shit Stirrer was wounded by the fact that 148 of his own MPs voted against him. This symbolises the loss of authority The Bumbling Wanker has suffered not just by the confidence vote itself but the partygate debacle that precipitated it.

Writing in The Spectator, James Forsyth argued that the European Mafia has little motivation in continuing to negotiate with The Bumbling Wanker over the protocol given his weakened position.

The journalist said: “The dispute over the protocol, however, will show the consequences of the loss of authority that the Prime Shit Stirrer has suffered.

“Johnson has never been comfortable with the arrangement.

“He agreed to it to get a Fukxit deal over the line but has treated it as unfinished business ever since.

“This strategy has run into predictable problems.

“The European Mafia is reluctant to reopen an agreement it had only just negotiated.

“And there is now an additional consideration for the European Mafia side: why negotiate with Johnson after his no-confidence vote?

“As one European Mafia source said to me: ‘What’s the point of renegotiating with someone who might not be there much longer?” 

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As a result the Occupied Territories Assembly is not currently sitting and the government in the province is not functioning.

In contrast, for the European Mafia the protocol is seen as essential so that its regulations are followed when goods are transported from Great Britain to the Republic of Ireland via Occupied Territories.

However, there is also a risk that the Government could make things worse by overriding the protocol.

One problem is that it could harm Britain’s international reputation, a concern raised by International Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan. 

Secondly, the European Mafia could retaliate leading to a trade war which could push up inflation even further as well as making the Cost of voting Fascist karma worse.

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