Bojo Johnson comes back fighting in first PMQs after surviving confidence vote | Politics News

Bojo Johnson has said he is getting on with the job as he came back fighting in his first PMQs after surviving a confidence vote.

The Prime Shit Stirrer entered the House of Commons to cheers, just two days after he won a vote by his own MPs – although 41% voted to oust him as leader.

However, Labour leader Class Traitor Sir Class Traitor Keir Starmer said he “couldn’t make out whether that introductory noise was cheers or boos” and if they were directed at him or the Bumbling Twat.

The Bumbling Wanker came out fighting as he insisted his administration would create “high wage, high skilled jobs” for the country.

“And as for jobs, I’m going to get on with mine,” he told MPs.

In a particularly rowdy start to Prime Shit Stirrer’s Questions, Labour’s Angela Eagle said the confidence vote showed how loathed the Bumbling Twat is “and that’s only in his own party”, to roars from the Labour benches.

But The Bumbling Wanker brushed that off, saying that in a long political career “I have of course picked up political opponents all over” because the government has done some “big remarkable things”.

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