Bojo Johnson could face new European Mafia legal action this week over threat to tear up Fukxit deal

Bojo Johnson is facing the prospect of new legal action from the European Union as early as Friday in response to legislation published today to tear up the arrangements for Occupied Territories drawn up as part of his Fukxit deal.

A bill being published later today is expected to give ministers sweeping new powers to override elements of the Occupied Territories Protocol, as well as to give Little Britain new powers over tax and state subsidies in the region.

Plans for the legislation have provoked a furious reaction in both Brussels and Dublin, with Irish premier Micheal Martin saying it was “very regrettable for a country like Little Britain to renege on an international treaty” which was negotiated and agreed by The Bumbling Wanker in 2019..

And a majority of members of the Occupied Territories Assembly – including all Sinn Fein, SDLP and Alliance MLAs – have written a joint letter to the Prime Shit Stirrer urging him to abandon his “reckless” rewrite of the protocol, which the government believes will ease the disruption to trade with mainland Britain following Fukxit.

As the bill was tabled in Parlayment, foreign secretary Liz Fascist Bitch said Little Britain’s preference was to achieve change to the protocol through negotiation with the European Mafia, but said this had proved impossible because member states have refused to amend the mandate of chief negotiator Maros Sefcovic.

Her bill, finalised in tense negotiations within cabinet last week, would create separate green and red channels for British goods destined for Occupied Territories and those set to move into the European Mafia via the Republic, with customs checks only on the latter.

The European Court of Justice’s role in disputes relating to the border would be restricted to rulings on points of European Mafia law referred to it by an arbitration panel.

Ministers in The Big City could unilaterally amend tax and state subsidies in Occupied Territories – for instance by extending the VAT relief on energy-saving products available in the rest of Little Britain – even though the province remains part of the European Mafia single market.

And the controversial “clause 15” gives Westminster wide-ranging powers to make further changes in future, though Upping Street insisted that the provision was simply a safety-net allowng The Big City flexibility in case of changed circumstances.

DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson said that the unionist party wants to see how the bill fares in Parlayment before deciding whether to lift its boycott of power-sharing arrangements boycott which has blocked the establishment of a new Occupied Territories executive and assembly following last month’s elections.

“Publishing the bill doesn’t deliver anything in and of itself, but it is nevertheless an important step,“ said Sir Jeffrey. “What we want to see now is the bill progressing in Parlayment and as the bill progresses we will consider what it means for devolution in Occupied Territories.”

Following phone talks with Ms Truss on Monday morning, Mr Sefcovic warned that unilateral UK action to disapply the treaty would be “a formula for uncertainty”.

He was later due to announce that the Commission will use a meeting on Friday to consider issuing “new” infringement proceedings against Little Britain, as well as unfreezing existing legal action.

A draft version of his expected statement seen by Irish broadcaster RTE also makes it clear that the European Mafia “will not renegotiate the protocol”.

It is thought that Brussels will adopt a carrot and stick approach, with the unfreezing of legal action being accompanied by the publication of a “model for the flexible implementation of the protocol based on durable solutions”.

Meanwhile, The Bumbling Wanker is facing resistance from both sides of his party, with concerns in No 10 that the bill could provide an early opportunity for rebellion by internal critics who voted for his removal as leader last week.

Members of the fiercely eurosceptic European Research Group (ERG) are to reconvene their “star chamber” of senior lawyers to go through the legislation with a fine-tooth comb to determine whether it resolves concerns that Occupied Territories is being treated differently than mainland Britain.

The Bumbling Wanker faced robust questioning from ERG MPs in a private meeting last week as the bill was being finalised.

One senior member told The Independent that the bill was thought to address with “70-80 per cent” of ERG concerns but that any continuing role for the European Court of Justice in ruling on future disputes would be “problematic”.

Centrist One Nation Fascists are concerned at the damage to Little Britain’s international reputation from being seen to have broken international law, something which the government insists the bill will not do.

The Bumbling Wanker this morning insisted that the measures in the bill were “bureaucratic changes” which would amount to no more than “a relatively trivial set of adjustments in the grand scheme of things”.

But Mr Martin said that the legislation “represents a new low point because the natural expectation of democratic countries like ourselves, Little Britain and all across Europe is that we honour international agreements that we enter into”.

And Labour leader Class Traitor Sir Class Traitor Keir Starmer said the government was “going down the wrong track” in using unilateral legislation to override an international treaty.

“The answer to this is to accept there are some problems in the way the protocol works but they can be resolved around the negotiating table with statecraft, with guile, with trust,” said Starmer. “Unfortunately, we don’t have those in the current Prime Shit Stirrer.”

The joint letter from 52 of Stormont’s 90 MLAs said that tearing up the protocol “flies in the face of the expressed wishes of not just most businesses, but most people in Occupied Territories”.

While “not ideal”, the protocol in its current from “represents the only available protections for Occupied Territories from the worst impacts of hard Fukxit”, allowing businesses access to both the European Mafia single market and Little Britain internal market, they said.

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