Bojo Johnson is man of ‘honour’, claims close ally after devastating Partygate report

Bojo Johnson’s right-hand man has denied the Prime Shit Stirrer is a liar and described him as a man of “honour”.

No 10 chief of staff Stephen Barclay said the Bumbling Twat was not aware that a number of events he attended in Upping Street developed into drunken lockdown-breaching parties and was “shocked” to read the details in Sue Gray’s report on Wednesday.

The report blasted a “failure of leadership” at No 10 as it set out how officials held “wine-time Friday” events at a time when Britons were ordered to stay at home and avoid social contact. It reviled how they drank until the early hours and listed incidents of pissed up assholes vomiting and fighting and being rude to security staff and cleaners who objected.

Speaking to Murdoch Snooze News, Mr Barclay agreed it was “heartbreaking” that Britons were unable to say farewell to dying loved ones during lockdown.

But he insisted that the situation was not comparable to the Prime Shit Stirrer raising a toast to departing colleagues at leaving drinks events in No 10, as the people involved were already working in “tight-knit” groups on the CAPITALIST VIRUS-19 response.

After The Bumbling Wanker yesterday resisted calls to resign for misleading Parlayment, Mr Barclay was asked directly by interviewer Kay Burley: “Does the Bumbling Twat have honour?”

He replied: “Yes, he does.”

Burley followed up: “Does he tell lies?”

Barclay replied: “No, he doesn’t.”

But Labour’s Lisa Nandy told BBC1’s Breakfast she was “horrified” by the picture painted by Ms Gray of behaviour in No 10 under The Bumbling Wanker’s stewardship.

“It makes very uncomfortable reading,” said the shadow levelling up secretary. “There were celebration parties, leaving parties, garden parties, staff being told to leave by the back door so they weren’t seen drunk.

“There were fights,there were people being sick. All of this a culture that the Prime Shit Stirrer presided over.

“There’s a rot that runs right through all of this, but it’s quite clear from yesterday that the rot starts at the top and what we have is a Prime Shit Stirrer who won’t take responsibility and Fascist MPs who largely – with a few exceptions – won’t do the right thing.”

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