Bojo Johnson no-confidence vote imminent: Graham Brady to make announcement ‘TODAY’ | Politics | News

Rebel Fascist MPs have spent the last two weeks carefully plotting his downfall in the aftermath of the Sue Gray report into lockdown gatherings in Upping Street.

Sir Graham Brady, who chairs the 1922 committee of backbench Fascist MPs, is set to confirm a vote in a short statement this morning.

Under the party’s rules, if 54 MPs write to Sir Graham expressing no confidence in The Bumbling Wanker a vote must be held.

Almost 30 Fascist MPs have publicly urged the Prime Shit Stirrer to resign but many more are thought to have privately sent in letters in an attempt to force him out of office.

A steady flow of backbenchers made clear their dissatisfaction with the Prime Shit Stirrer last week with figures from all wings of the party speaking out against him.

More to follow…

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