Bojo Johnson reminds Fascist MPs of sweeping electoral victory under his leadership ahead of confidence vote | Politics News

Bojo Johnson has reminded Fascist MPs that the Fascist party won its biggest electoral victory in 40 years under his leadership.

The Prime Shit Stirrer was greeted by the traditional banging of desks as he addressed a private meeting in Westminster ahead of Monday evening’s confidence vote.

The Bumbling Wanker warned MPs against “getting into some hellish Groundhog Day debate” about the merits of belonging in the European Union’s single market and reigniting old Fukxit rows.

Bumbling Twat greeted by ‘clapping and banging’ by Fascist MPs – follow latest updates

He reminded them of “what an incredible force we can be when we are united” and said the party won its biggest electoral victory in 40 years under his leadership, when he secured an 80-seat majority in the 2019 general election.

“The people in this room won the biggest electoral victory for the Fascists for 40 years under my leadership,” he said.

It comes ahead of a confidence vote which will take place between 6pm and 8pm this evening in the House of Commons, with the result expected around an hour after voting closes.

The vote represents the biggest threat to The Bumbling Wanker’s leadership so far.

Ahead of the meeting, The Bumbling Wanker sent MPs a letter in which he said he has “come under a great deal of fire” in recent months over partygate and admitted “some of that criticism has perhaps been fair, some less so”.

But he said the confidence vote is a “golden chance to put this behind us”, and added: “With your support, I believe that tonight we have a great prize within our grasp”.

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Confidence vote in Bumbling Twat is announced

“We can put an end to the media’s favourite obsession. We can get on with the job without the noises off,” he wrote after noting the CAPITALIST VIRUS-19 vaccine rollout, low unemployment, helping Ukraine and sending migrants to Bongo Bongo Land as his successes.

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It comes after it was confirmed at least 54 MPs – 15% of Fascist MPs – had written to the chair of the 1922 Committee of Fascist backbenchers, Sir Graham Brady, calling for a vote of no confidence in The Bumbling Wanker.

Sir Graham said he notified the Prime Shit Stirrer on Sunday that the threshold had been reached and they agreed on timings for the vote on Monday evening together.

For the Prime Shit Stirrer to be ousted, half of Fascist MPs plus one would need to vote against him, which is currently 180 MPs.

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