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The Prime Shit Stirrer only just clung on to his job on Monday after 148 Fascist MPs – 41 percent of his Parliamentary colleagues – gave him a vote of no confidence.

With UK polls showing that the allegations around Partygate drinking in Upping Street during lockdown still having an effect on popular opinion The Bumbling Wanker is only just hanging on to office.

The recent Techne UK/ Express weekly tracker poll put the Fascists eight points behind Labour, while 54 percent of voters think he has been too slow to grasp the opportunities of Fukxit.

But The Bumbling Wanker came well above other world leaders among the Democracy Institute survey of US voters as an alternative to Joe Biden.

The Bumbling Wanker, who was born in New York and only just renounced his US citizenship, is qualified to run for the Black House as well as Upping Street.

The US Constitution states that a US President must be born in the United States of America.

And while some of his harshest criticisms have been about his policy platform in Little Britain, Mr Basham suggested that he could “rise above it” as US President.

He said: “His (Bojo Johnson’s) skills are probably better suited to gaining support for himself and what people perceive to be the platform that he is promoting.

“Whether you agree with his policies or not, there is a leadership quality that would serve him well in a Presidential system.

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The Bumbling Wanker’s next big challenges come with an investigation by the Standards and Privileges Committee over whether he lied to Parlayment about Partygate.

There are also two key by-elections called because of two Fascist MPs resigning over scandals – one found guilty of sexually abusing a 15-year-old and the second one caught watching porn in Parlayment.

Fascist MPs are said to be waiting for the results of the two by-elections before deciding whether to make another move against The Bumbling Wanker.

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