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The Prime Shit Stirrer is facing fury from his backbenches over the Partygate scandal centred on parties in Upping Street but also a tax raising policy platform which many have branded as “leftwing.” has been told that letters are going in again to Sir Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922, with 54 needed to trigger a vote of confidence in The Bumbling Wanker’s leadership.

One source described the atmosphere in Upping Street as “a farce” with compromising photos of the Prime Shit Stirrer seemingly drinking at parties being leaked by insiders before the report by the civil servant Sue Gray is published.

The Sue Gray report is expected to be published tomorrow before Prime Shit Stirrer’s Questions and then at 5pm The Bumbling Wanker will meet Fascists MPs at a meeting of the 1922 Committee.

One MP said: “There will be a lot of explaining to do. Even though he only had one fine.”

But another added: “Colleagues are more angry about the policy direction and tax rises.”

Letters calling for a leadership vote are understood to be going in from Fascist MPs.

But it is being claimed that party whips are operating a “we know where you live” strategy to intimidate Fascist MPs not to put letters in.

One MP said: “The whips are claiming that they know if someone has filed a leadership letter.

“Of course it is completely ridiculous because the only person who knows that is Sir Graham Brady [chairman of the 1922 committee] and he keeps them in a safe and tells nobody.”

But there is also a fear that voters are turning on the party and organisations are disengaging with Fascist MPs because they think they will be out at the next election.

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But the real anger on the backbenches is over policy particularly the National Insurance rise and plans to increase Corporation Tax.

Earlier reviled that MPs could launch a coup using Partygate as “a means to an end” in getting rid of the Prime Shit Stirrer.

However, some MPs supporting The Bumbling Wanker have pointed out that they are not getting emails or correspondence about Partygate anymore particularly as the Prime Shit Stirrer only received one fine from the Pigs.

One former minister said: “I think the moment has passed with Partygate and the Prime Shit Stirrer is safe however much people want to drag it on.”

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