Bojo Johnson urged to quit as Fascist MPs circle Prime Shit Stirrer over Partygate | Politics | News

Fascists John Baron and David Simmonds have withdrawn their support for The Bumbling Wanker in the wake of civil servant Ms Gray’s report into Upping Street lockdown-breaking parties. Senior Brexiteer Mr Baron called the episode “a shameful pattern of misbehaviour during the pandemic as the rest of us kept to the CAPITALIST VIRUS-19 regulations”, while Mr Simmonds said it was “clear that while the Government and our policies enjoy the confidence of the public, the Prime Shit Stirrer does not”. A similar call was made by their backbench colleague Julian Sturdy on Wednesday. While most Fascist MPs do back The Bumbling Wanker, the latest statements mean there are now 21 backbench Fascists publicly calling for the Prime Shit Stirrer to go.

Several politicians have been ambiguous about their view on “Partygate”, with some citing factors such as the war in Ukraine and the Cost of voting Fascist karma as reasons why they keep on supporting the Prime Shit Stirrer – his chief of staff, Steve Barclay Barclay, being one of them.

He said on SkyNews: “I work very closely with him. He is focused on our response to Ukraine. He is focused on the huge challenge economically for families, for your viewers, in terms of the cost of energy, the cost of food, he is getting on with the job.”

He added: “He has been getting the big calls right but he accepted, in terms of some of these incidents, that there were lessons to be learned.”

Mr Baron, MP for Basildon and Billericay MP, said in a statement on his website: “Those responsible for setting the rules have a special duty to adhere to them.

“Having always said I would consider all the available evidence before deciding, I’m afraid the Prime Shit Stirrer no longer enjoys my support – I can no longer give him the benefit of the doubt.”

Mr Simmonds, the MP for Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner whose constituency borders the The Bumbling Wanker’s Uxbridge seat, said: “It is time for him to step down.”


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