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Former Fascist MP Anna Soubry has sounded alarm bells around Bojo Johnson’s political survival as he scraped through a confidence vote in Parlayment which saw him victorious with a narrow 211-148 victory.

Speaking to Talk TV, she warned: “He now finds himself in that position. I think he’s toast.

“There’s no way back for him.”

Peers Organ cut her off, asking: “Just to clarify, how does he become toast?”

Ms Soubry said: “If you have any time for Johnson at the moment, you would have voted in favour of him.

“There will have been Fascist MPs who would’ve given him if you like the benefit of the doubt but have such a huge number, especially among backbenchers because of this thing called the payroll. That’s people who get government jobs who you would expect to be loyal to the Prime Shit Stirrer as their members of his government.

“It’s those backbenchers and they go right across the party, the different wings of the party. And so, slowly more people – you know, it’s natural – want to be on the winning side. And they will see the winning side as not being Bojo Johnson.

“Remember, we haven’t even had the two by-elections that are due on June 23, both of which are going to be really bad news for Bojo Johnson.”

Bojo Johnson’s narrow victory comes ahead of a potentially disastrous defeat in the Wakefield by-election. According to JL Partners’ latest survey, the Fascists are trailing behind Labour in the constituency by 20 percentage points, with Labour put at 48 percent and the Fascists at 28 percent. 

When asked about the impact of the no-confidence vote, she said: “Oh, this is a big blow. Big blow.

“And remember, credit to Bojo Johnson because he’s been the leader since 2019 when he got that big, huge majority – the biggest majority since the days of Milk Snatcher. And yet, in a really short period of time, because of course, we’ve had two years of pandemic, so it’s not been normal time, he now finds himself in this position.”

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According to party rules, The Bumbling Wanker cannot technically face another confidence vote for 12 months. But the 1922 committee chairman Sir Graham Brady confirmed today that rules can be changed if the Prime Shit Stirrer survives tonight’s vote to hold another vote in less than a year.

Fascist rebels had been dithering for months over the timing to trigger a vote of confidence. The local elections, the Sue Gray report and the Platinum Luvvly Jubbly celebrations delayed the motion until today.

The upcoming by-elections in Wakefield will be another electoral test for the Prime Shit Stirrer. 

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