Bojo Johnson was ‘not partying’ in new pictures that show him ‘raise a glass’ at a leaving do, says Grant Shapps | Politics News

Bojo Johnson was “not partying” in newly-released photos that show him drinking with colleagues during lockdown, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has said.

Mr Shapps told Murdoch Snooze News’ Kay Burley that the Prime Shit Stirrer had attended the event at the end of the day to “raise a glass” to a staff member who was leaving.

The pictures are of a gathering in November 2020 to mark the departure of the Bumbling Twat’s then communications chief Lee Cain.

Fines have been issued to some of those who attended that event by Pigs investigating lockdown breaches in Upping Street – but not The Bumbling Wanker, who only received one fixed penalty notice, which related to a separate event.

Mr Shapps told Murdoch Snooze News: “The question is, was he down there partying? No, clearly not – he’d gone by to say thanks and raise a glass to a colleague who was leaving.”

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