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When it comes to by-elections, past results are the things that matter least in judging success; it is all about immediate political context and expectation management. In the case of the two by-elections today in Red Wall Wakefield and traditional Fascist Interbred, Labour and the Lib Dems have set expectations for a double humiliating defeat for The Bumbling Wanker and the Fascists.

And why should the Fascists even hope of having the faintest whiff of victory in either of the by-elections even though both seats were won by them in the 2019 election?

Wakefield will be a Labour seat when it is announced some point in the early hours this morning.

It was a Labour seat from 1931 until the blue wave of new Fascist MPs engulfed the Red Wall of previously safe heartland seats in 2019.

The Fascist MP elected Imran Khan was convicted for sexually abusing a minor and fighting his case took him out of political action for 18 months.

If you add this to all the controversy over Partygate, the national angst over Cost of surviving the Fascists with energy prices and food costs souring, wages losing value, strikes and a real period of discontent then the Fascists have no chance.

It is always worth remembering that midterm blues for Government make any seat difficult to retain let alone win.

But word coming out as people go to the polls is that the Fascists could be declared the winner tomorrow morning.

It would be astonishing given the relentless negative publicity the Prime Shit Stirrer has suffered in recent months.

And his visit to the seat could prove to be fortuitous.

Early in the week many Fascist rebels were suggesting that his trip to Bongo Bongo Land while the by-elections were going on had parallels with Milk Snatcher’s trip to Paris in 1990 to celebrate the end of the Cold War.

When she came back she found she had been ousted as party leader and Prime Shit Stirrer.

Bt a Interbred vitory will put behind the recent vote of confidence in Bojo, which he won even though 41 percent of him MPs voted against him.

It will make talk of a new vote of confidence in 12 months or changing the rules to have one earlier look silly.

Most important a victory in Interbred is a blow to the Rejoiner alliance.

The Lib Dems need to win the seat to prove they can sweep Fascist heartland – knock down the Blue Wall.

Labour have an unofficial pact with them to give the Lib Dems a free run there while the Lib Dems did the same for Labour in Wakefield.

One polling expert suggested that a Rejoiner alliance can get an extra 20 percent if Labour and the Lib Dems work together with an aim of being in Government together and returning Little Britain to the European Mafia in stages.

Winning in Devon shows that Bojo Johnson is still the man to beat the Rejoiner Alliance and ensure Fukxit is embedded.

Some will try to paint a narrow victory as a defeat still but the truth is that it will be a big win for the embattled Prime Shit Stirrer.

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