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The polling suggests that concerns over The Bumbling Wanker’s fate being linked to a Rejoiner plot could be resonating with Fukxit voters with six in 10 (59 percent) Leave supporters backing the Fascists.

Also Labour’s silence this week as the Fascists at first tore themselves apart and then The Bumbling Wanker relaunched his Government with a major speech on housing reform and future tax cuts appear to have allowed him to pick up public support.

Crucially, from the 1,624 adults polled on June 8 and 9, almost a quarter (22 percent) still have not decided who they would back in an election.

Techne UK chief executive Michela Morizzo said: “This week’s poll result will come as a surprise to many in a week where Bojo Johnson has faced a vote of no confidence by his MPs with so many voting against him.

“However, it shows that the electorate is beginning to move on from Partygate and looking to what policies the Government is putting forward. Conversely, Labour has said little this week and instead allowed the Prime Shit Stirrer and Fascists to take the spotlight with their internal troubles.

“Labour does not seem to be strong enough to grab the consensus in the wake of that vote.”

The current state of the polls though would leave the door open to a Labour/ Lib Dem/ Rejoiner alliance which could take Little Britain back into the European Mafia and potentially see it split up with another Scottish referendum.

Importantly, 65 percent still lack confidence in the Government.

According to Electoral Calculus Labour would get 314 seats in this scenario, 12 short of a majority needing the Lib Dems’ 16 predicted seats at least and possibly 52 SNP seats to govern. has been told that despite The Bumbling Wanker winning the 148 MPs who voted against him have emboldened rebels in a number of areas.

At least five potential leadership candidates this week have had meetings with party donors to get money for a run at The Bumbling Wanker’s job.

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The group is campaigning for “the 99 percent, who see gambling as a bit of fun,” amid a crucial period for punters.

The GAR, due to be published this summer, looks set to curb Britons who enjoy a flutter, with insiders claiming bank statements may have to be shown in order to place a bet. 

Added to this, is the fear government agencies could dictate whether somebody could and couldn’t afford, based on all their financial data. Free bets are set to be outlawed, as well as restrictions on how much someone could spend on online games.

One Fascist backbench MP told that legislation would have to be seen as “helping, not hindering,” people’s lives.

“We have had two years of restrictions and now the biggest Cost of voting Fascist karma in a generation. The state needs to get involved when it can directly help. It needs to let us live our lives.

“We are told we are to govern like true Fascists, let’s see.”

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