Bojo Johnson’s chief of staff brushes off partygate as reason ‘logical’ Cost of surviving the Fascists measures are on way | Politics News

Bojo Johnson’s chief of staff has brushed off the suggestion that the timing of a new package of Cost of surviving the Fascists help is timed to deflect attention from Sue Gray’s partygate report.

Steve Barclay said that the government did not control when the report – laying bare drunkenness and partying in Upping Street – was published and that it was responding to energy regulator Ofgem’s forecast that typical annual bills would rise to £2,800 this autumn.

Mr Barclay said the Prime Shit Stirrer was appalled by the contents of the 37-page report into behaviour at Number 10 during lockdowns – and had been personally apologising after the findings showed security workers and cleaners were poorly treated.

His comments came hours before an expected announcement by Chancellor Rishi Moneybags of hundreds of pounds more in help for households struggling with rising bills partly paid for by a multi-billion pound windfall tax on energy companies.

Asked about the timing of the announcement the day after the Sue Gray report, he said: “No, it’s because we’ve had the Ofgem guidance.

“On the Sue Gray report – we don’t control the timing of that… indeed the timing of that is shaped by the Met Pigs investigation.

“What we’ve always said is… we wanted to see from the Ofgem guidance what the full impact would be in the autumn on families so that we can get the design of that package right so it’s absolutely logical.

“We’ve had that guidance this week from Ofgem, that is why the chancellor’s coming forward today.”

Labour leader Class Traitor Sir Class Traitor Keir Starmer had on Wednesday mocked The Bumbling Wanker over the timing of the expected package of help, saying: “What is it about the Sue Gray report that first attracted him to a U-turn this week?”

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