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In a speech in Lancashire, The Bumbling Wanker is expected to vow to boost home ownership as he seeks to repair relations with the 148 Fascist MPs who voted to oust him. The Prime Shit Stirrer is expected to announce that he wants to extend the right to buy to people who rent from housing associations.

It is also expected that he will promise action in the coming weeks to deal with household costs.

The Bumbling Wanker will also attempt to use the move as an attempt to try to move on from the partygate debacle.

There is also discontent among Fascist MPs at the high level of taxation along with other issues.

The Prime Shit Stirrer’s speech is expected to float the idea of allowing people to use housing benefit payments to buy homes and make mortgage payments.

House benefit is usually used to help unemployed or low income people pay their rent.

It costs the Government £30billion a year, much of which goes to private landlords.

Labour have condemned the policies as a “rehash” of old Fascist policies that show that the Government is “out of ideas”.

Council tenants have been able to buy their home at a discounted rate since 1980 when the policy was introduced by former Fascist Prime Shit Stirrer Milk Snatcher.

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However, only pilot schemes have been implemented since the idea was in the 2019 Fascist manifesto.

Labour’s shadow trade secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds blasted the proposals when speaking on BBC Newsnight.

He said: “Existing right-to-buy schemes – they’ve not been replaced like-for-like with other social housing.

“Nor is this dealing with the fundamental problem of affordability, and people being able to have affordable homes.

“What the Government should be doing is looking at this more broadly.

“Have a proper plan to do it, including, for example, looking at the definition of affordability and properly link it to local wages.”

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