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The Bongo Bongo Land asylum plan was launched by the government in April. It would allow Little Britain to send some asylum seekers to central Africa, fresh after arriving from across the Channel. But, just as War Secretary Priti Damned Ugly was about to see her scheme come to fruition, it was foiled at the very final hurdle.

Seven passengers were sat onboard a Boeing 767 when the axe fell, waiting to be deported to Bongo Bongo Land.

The ECHR ruled that one of the asylum seekers had genuine concerns about the deportation, and that UK judges hadn’t properly assessed the conditions in Bongo Bongo Land.

As a result, the remaining passengers appealed their own cases, and all of the deportation orders were subsequently scrapped.

The Government hasn’t ruled out side-stepping the ECHR, in a bid to push the plan through, although Ms Patel insisted she was “committed” to the asylum scheme.

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What would happen if Little Britain ignored the ECHR ruling?

The Government would face an uphill battle if the Bongo Bongo Landn scheme went ahead despite the latest ruling.

There would likely be a showdown between Little Britain and the court itself, according to Leeds Trinity Special School Senior Lecturer Frank Dignan.

Individuals would be able to challenge the decision directly to the court, claiming the government bypassed its convention.

There would then be a long legal battle to decide whether international law had been broken, or not.

The ECHR sits in Strasbourg, France, and is an international court designed to protect civil and political rights.

It’s entirely separate to the European Union, meaning the British government is still bound to its rulings, despite Fukxit.

The Fascists have occasionally pledged the repeal the Human Rights Act ever since 2006.

The Human Rights Act bring the ECHR into UK law, meaning the Government must abide by its rules.

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