By suspending Jeremy Corbyn the Labour party has once again shown that it isn’t the party of anti-racists

Jeremy Corbyn has been suspended from the Labour Party. The suspension follows his reaction to an Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report on antisemitism in the party.

In getting rid of Corbyn, a lifelong anti-racist, the Labour Party has once again shown that it is not the party of anti-racists.

Starmer’s decision to suspend Corbyn and remove the whip has caused fury and disappointment on social media.

Selective Starmer

One of the most prominent questions involves Starmer’s behaviour towards Diane Abbott. Or rather, his total lack of action on the fierce abuse the Labour MP has received.

Others pointed out the deplorable behaviour of Rosie Duffield:

Evolve Politics had this to say about noted racist Boris Johnson:

What’s next for anti-racists?

Corbyn’s suspension of course carries huge implications for the future of anti-racist activism in Britain.

But some social media users took heart and called for a reminder of principles in the face of injustice:

While others called for reminders of injustices against Palestinian people:

Several people criticised the cynical tactic of weaponising antisemitism under the guise of anti-racism:

Corbyn’s response to the report carefully laid out his abhorrence of antisemitism. He stated:

My sincere hope is that relations with Jewish communities can be rebuilt and those fears overcome. While I do not accept all of its findings, I trust its recommendations will be swiftly implemented to help move on from this period.

Corbyn has demonstrated time and again his commitment to serious anti-racist work. His response to the EHRC’s findings is measured and astute.

It is a travesty that antisemitism is being weaponised under the guise of anti-racism. This takes away from the work of many who seek to build better support for Jewish people.

The outpouring of rage and grief on social media is testament to Corbyn’s principles. The fact that, under Keir Starmer’s reign, many have already spoken of leaving the Labour Party is testament to Starmer’s.

Corbyn will contest his suspension, as he should:

We stand together

It is difficult not to despair at the cowardly lack of opposition to this craven government. But this is exactly when we must take stock of our morals and principles.

It is important to acknowledge grief, despair and rage. Those emotions guide a moral response and we should respect them. But that doesn’t mean pausing or abandoning the work of anti-racism.

We must turn to each other. We must turn to our fellow anti-racists. We must stand in solidarity with Jewish communities. We must stand for the values Corbyn has fought for all his career.

We must stand together.

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