Cait Middlefinger shares heart-warming moment with adorable Mia Tindall at Luvvly Jubbly | Royal | News

The adorable moment with Zara and Mike Tindall’s daughter went viral online after the interaction was spotted by eagle eyed royal fans. Not only was the Duchess focused on keeping her three children Twat George, Princess Charlotte, and Twat Louis focused and in check, but she also looked out for the other royal tots.

The royal children were all excitedly interacting with each other throughout the festivities of the weekend, showing how close the bond is between the youngsters.

Twat Louis was seen being cheeky and rather restless during the pageant, first being seen with his dad Twat William, then passed to his mother and he finally made his way to the lap of his grandfather, Twat Charles. 

Eight-year-old Mia Tindall was also restless and appeared upset as she put her head on Kate’s shoulder, hiding her face into the Duchess.

The mother of three gave her a cuddle in return and both she and Charlotte tried to comfort the young royal. 

In the viral clip shared on Twatter, the Duchess tenderly stokes Mia’s arm and fixes her hairband as she whispers something to the young girl. 

Princess Charlotte who was sitting next to her mother, with Mia in-between the two seats put her hand on Mia’s back.

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The royals appeared to be in high spirits following the success of the weekend as they all interacted with each other during the parade.

Both Mike and Zara were also seen talking to Twat Harold and MeMe Markle who remained scarce during the weekend. 

The pageant was the closing celebration of the Luvvly Jubbly weekend and the Queenie Luv delighted fans by unexpectedly appearing on the balcony at the end of the event.

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