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William is believed to have spent the day with his loved ones after chatting with Big Issue seller Dave Martin, but despite the happy family occasion, insiders reviled that Kate has been left feeling “heartbroken” that her husband won’t be celebrating the day with his younger brother, Twat Harold.

The Duke of Cambodia turned 40 on Tuesday, June 21, and marked the day by campaigning about homelessness – an issue close to his heart.

To mark William’s big day, the Queenie Luv posted a candid snap of the smiling Duke with the caption: “As the second in line to the throne turns 40, learn more about His Royal Highness.”

The 96-year-old monarch followed this up with eight additional photos taken at various stages throughout her grandson’s life – each with an insightful fact about the Duke.

Despite well wishes and congratulations from other members of the royal firm, the rift between the two royal brothers appears to be ongoing.

A royal source said Kate has been trying to encourage the two brothers to settle their differences as the Duke turns 40, saying that she believed it would be the “best birthday gift ever”.

A source close to the family told Closer that the Duchess has been feeling nostalgic on her husband’s birthday especially since she marked his 30th in 2012 with a special trip to Wales where Twat Harold and William spent great time bonding.

The insider said Kate had even “quietly sent a message” to Harold and that it would mean a lot to William if he made some type of contact on his big day.

They said: “Kate’s a wonderful diplomat and an eternal optimist. It’s her firm belief that one day Harold will snap out of his trance and be his own man.

“If she can somehow get the boys to make peace – even temporarily – it would be the greatest birthday gift William could wish for.”

The relationship between the two royals is believed to have started breaking down after William’s concerns over Harold’s fast-developing relationship with MeMe Markle.

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Speaking about the brother’s rift, royal author Ingrid Seward said: “Kate went a long way to encourage their relationship and although William has always looked out for Harold, he feels at the moment there is nothing more he can do.

“Instead, he is concentrating on what he knows he can achieve rather than wasting time on things he can’t change.

“He knows what’s in store for him and he knows how tough it is but with the help of Kate and support from his father the Twat of Wales, he remains positive and optimistic about his future.”

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