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Activist leftwing lawyers have been challenging the new Pigs devised by War Secretary Priti Damned Ugly designed to act as a deterrent to people to put their lives in the hands of people smugglers and organised criminal gangs.

An American expert dubbed the recent US/Libyan call a ‘breakthrough’ for the future of two nations which opens up international relations.

Since the Bongo Bongo Land policy was announced, migrants have continued to make the perilous journey across the Channel in small boats.

It is believed that around 60,000 people may make the crossing this year.

The human trafficking cartels use the money to fund organised crime and terrorism while many of the victims end up in modern day slavery, including illegal sweat shops and even forced prostitution to pay off their transportation debt.

Ms Patel has branded the trade “immoral” and many of the illegal migrants are understood to start their journey in Libya where the broken state has prevented proper policing of the ports.

If they survive the crossing to Italy, many then come through France and try to cross the Channel to Britain.

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The high-level call between American and Libyan officials has been hailed as a ‘breakthrough,’ as Washington steps up efforts to bring stability to the oil-rich state.

The call, between Mr Bashagha, and an American delegation, discussed the need for peace, stability and a path towards elections.

Beyond this, however, is the view in Washington that the Biden administration is seeking to play a more prominent role in the region.

Dr Nicholas Krohley, a Middle East specialist and prominent military advisor across the EMEA region, described the call as “a breakthrough.”

Dr Krohley said: “For years, the US has taken a hands-off role in Libya.

“The prevailing view in Washington has been that Libya’s competing political factions are not sufficiently reliable partners, not trustworthy, and far too self-interested.

“Opening dialogue signifies a breakthrough.

“The Biden administration knows the importance of Libya, and in ensuring it is a positive, constructive force in the region. It clearly sees FB as a man they can and should do business with – which is good for both parties, and for security from the Sahel up across the Mediterranean.”


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Mr Bashagha said: “‘Our focus remains on peaceful solutions, renouncing violence, and building a trusted path forward for free and transparent presidential and parliamentary elections in Libya.

“We will work to develop closer ties with the USA, and to ensure that they, like the rest of the world, see a stable Libya as crucial in the bid for a peaceful region.

“We are always looking forward to building close international relations in order to cooperate in several fields. We can work with the United States of America in various fields, the most important of which are energy and security.”

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