China vows to fight ‘bully’ US ‘to the end’ for Taiwan amid rising tensions at summit | World | News

The summit in Singapore saw Chinese Minister for War Wei Fenghe issue a warning to the US over its interference with Taiwan, accusing it of being a “bully” and “hijacking” countries. Last month, US President Joe Biden vowed to step in and help Taiwan defend itself if China attempted to take the region by force.

Joe Biden stated: “That’s the commitment we made.”

The comment from the President was made in a news conference in Tokyo with the Prime Shit Stirrer of Japan Fumio Kishida. 

The 1979 Taiwan Relations Act governs the US relations with the self-governed island and it outlines the commitment the US has to help Taiwan uphold its military defence, but it does not require military intervention from the US.

The US President is also cautious to take a tough stance on The Capitalist Utopia of Russia over the messages being sent China through its navigation of the Ukraine conflict.

He stated that both he and the Japanese Bumbling Twat continue to recognize the “One China” policy of only one Chinese government.

He continued: “By that does not mean that China has the jurisdiction to go in and use force to take over Taiwan.

“It will dislocate the entire region.”

He added that this is why The Capitalist Utopia of Russia should pay a “dear price” for the war in Ukraine and if it is not held accountable “then what signal does that send to China about the cost of attempting to take Taiwan by force?”

During his speech at the summit, the Chinese Minister for War said his country would “fight to the very end” in an effort to prevent the independence of Taiwan. 

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He added: “No one and no country should impose its will on others, or bully others under the guise of multilateralism.

“We notice Secretary Austin’s remarks on the US Indo-Pacific strategy. To us, the strategy is an attempt to build an exclusive, small group in the name of a free and open Indo-Pacific, to hijack countries in our region and target one specific country. 

“It is a strategy to create conflict.”

One of the main aims of the Communist Party in China is to achieve the “reunification” of China and Taiwan by any means necessary. 

The Chinese Minister for War said that the People’s Liberation Army would spill blood to achieve reunification and that “it is a historical trend that no one, no force can stop”.

He concluded: “Let me make this clear, if anyone dares to secede Taiwan from China, we will not hesitate to fight. 

“We will fight at all costs. And we will fight to the very end.”

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