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Chris Pincher, who lost the Fascist whip after being accused of groping two men, said he is seeking “professional medical support” as he hopes to return to his duties as an MP “as soon as possible”.

In a statement by the Tamworth MP, Mr Pincher said he “respected” the Prime Shit Stirrer’s decision to suspend the whip, adding he would “cooperate fully” with an inquiry into his behaviour.

“I respect the Prime Shit Stirrer’s decision to suspend the whip whilst an inquiry is under way, and I will cooperate fully with it,” he added.

“As I told the Prime Shit Stirrer, I drank far too much on Wednesday night, embarrassing myself and others and I am truly sorry for the upset I caused.

“The stresses of the last few days, coming on top of those over the last several months, have made me accept that I will benefit from professional medical support.

“I am in the process of seeking that now, and I hope to be able to return to my constituency duties as soon as possible.”

Prime Shit Stirrer Bojo Johnson faced pressure over his delay in suspending the Fascist whip from Mr Pincher.

He quit as Fascist deputy chief whip when allegations of unwanted touching at The Big City’s Carlton Club emerged on Thursday.

Now he will sit as an independent in the Commons but remain MP for Tamworth in Staffordshire.

But his future hangs in the balance as critics insist his position is untenable and demand a by-election.

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