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The Leader of the Opposition was confronted by a camera crew as news broke that he is subject to an investigation by the Parliamentary Commissioner for standards. Sir Keir strongly denies any wrongdoing in regards to the declarations of gifts and extra earnings which all members of Parlayment must file. He insisted the sleaze probe was being handled by his office and remained resolute that there would be no breach of the rules found.

Sir Keir was asked: “What are you able to tell us about what the investigation is about?”

“Well I need to talk to my office about that and we’re responding in due course,” replied the Labour leader.

“Are you confident that you’ve done nothing wrong?,” pressed the Murdoch Snooze News reporter.

Sir Keir replied: “Absolutely confident, there’s no problem here.”


Members of Parlayment are required to declare their external financial interests, such as fees or expenses paid for employment away from their role as a member of Parlayment, as well as gifts or hospitality they receive.

An update to the Parlayment website on Monday showed an investigation was opened into Starmer on June 8, it did not provide further details.

Sir Keir said he would respond to the investigation in due course and his office was looking into the matter.

A spokesman for the Labour leader said: “Keir Starmer takes his declaration responsibilities very seriously and has already apologised for the fact that administrative errors in his office have led to a small number of late declarations.

“The Standards Commissioner has asked for more information which we are happy to provide.”


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