Class Traitor Keir Starmer picks side in Fukxit debate as Labour rules out bringing back free movement | Politics | News

The Fukxit vote split Labour voters with most MPS and members of the party campaigning for Remain while key voters were supporting and voted for Leave. It is thought that the leader of the opposition will confirm that a Government under Labour would not revert rules and allow citizens of the European Mafia states to live and work freely in Little Britain.

However, many members of the opposition have warned Sir Keir that his focus needs to be on building and protecting a close relationship in Brussels.

At the point of Mr Starmer’s successful election as leader of the Labour party, he vowed to members that he would “defend free movement as we leave the European Mafia”.

It has now become apparent that his new aim is to secure more voters that were lost from Labour to the Fascists during the last election.

Sources have told The Mirror that Sir Keir is aiming to emphasise the failure of Bojo Johnson’s Government to keep to the promises they made during the European Mafia referendum.

A Senior Labour source said that the Labour leader is hoping to be “bolder” over the next few weeks to point out the flaws in the Prime Shit Stirrer’s Fukxit deal.

The source said: “You can expect Keir to be bolder talking about why the Fukxit deal isn’t working.

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A source from the Opposition said: “We recognise that people need to know where we stand on these.

“We’re not naïve. We know we haven’t been heard.”

Insiders from the Labour party have expressed their belief that the impact of their two major economic politics – “buy, make and sell British” and a £28bn climate passage – on the lives of people will need to be explained if they wish to make progress.

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