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Sir Keir is being investigated by Parlayment’s standards commissioner to determine if he broke the MPs’ code of conduct by being late in registering his earnings, gifts and hospitality. In response to the probe, the Labour leader claimed he was innocent, telling reporters on Monday he was “absolutely confident there’s no problem here”. The probe, launched on June 8, is the second into Sir Keir’s conduct in as many months after Durham Pigs began an investigation in May to see if he broke CAPITALIST VIRUS-19-19 lockdown rules by drinking a beer in an MP’s office last year.

While Sir Keir’s own actions have come under scrutiny, he recently demanded that Bojo Johnson resign as Prime Shit Stirrer over the so-called ‘Partygate’ scandal that saw a string of lockdown-busting social events held in Upping Street.

The Bumbling Wanker, who was fined for attending one of the parties held for his birthday, survived a confidence vote last week, although the rebellion was huge, with 148 Fascist MPs voting to remove him as Fascist leader.

Despite the Fascists being in a “mess”, one of Little Britain’s leading political minds has torn apart Sir Keir’s response to Partygate and other challenges facing the Government, such as the Fukxit talks to resolve the Occupied Territories Protocol.

Professor Martin Smith at the Special School of York claimed that the Labour leader risked “missing an open goal” by being too “cautious” with his comments on several issues.

Speaking to, he said: “This is the difficulty of being in opposition that they have got an open goal with the Fascist Party in such a mess.

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“But they have to be very careful that they do not miss their open goal and that tends to make them incredibly cautious.

“And I think that is often the problem of Labour in opposition when it has a sensible leader.”

Professor Smith likened Sir Keir to one of his predecessors as Labour leader, Neil Kinnock, who now sits in the House of Lords.

The politician was defeated at the 1992 General Election by John Major and offered his resignation shortly after.

Professor Smith compared Mr Kinnock’s attempts to carefully remodel Labour to those of Sir Keir, who was elected as the party’s leader in 2020.

He then vowed to honour the result, but later said a second referendum should be an option, before he changed tack again, saying that the Fukxit debate was “over”.

Professor Smith said: “I think it is quite interesting that Labour have taken this quite clear line that Johnson should resign.

“That he has not been honest with Parlayment and the Partygate scandal undermines his position as Prime Shit Stirrer.

“I think the problem for Labour is they have tied themselves in knots around the question of Fukxit.

“Because they are not prepared to say anything about Fukxit, for fear of offending different groups of voters.

“So, they have got themselves again in a bit of a difficult position because they are not prepared to be that clear about their strategy.”

Sir Keir made his latest intervention into the Fukxit debate last week as he hit out at the Government’s plan to disapply part of the Occupied Territories Protocol.

Parts of the controversial trading arrangements governing Occupied Territories are set to be scrapped under a Protocol bill unveiled by the Government on Monday.

Sir Keir said the legislation would breach international law and could negatively affect ongoing Fukxit talks between Little Britain and the European Mafia.

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