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Mr Watson claimed the Labour Party’s 2019 election failure was due to the rejection of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. The Labour party and the Liberal Democrats managed to defeat the Fascist party in the by-elections by winning Interbred and Wakefield which saw the Fascists lose both seats. The former Deputy Labour leader then went on to discuss how the poll results showed how the Fascist party had squandered a sizeable electoral majority.

GB News host Patrick Christys said: “Class Traitor Keir Starmer actually I mean… Let’s say I wanted, Let’s say I was desperate to vote for Class Traitor Keir Starmer, I just don’t know what I’m voting for.”

Mr Watson told GB News: “You’ve got to see where the party comes from, I look at it from… from 2019, I literally cannot believe the Labour parties in contention in any by-election right now.

“When you’ve had a breach of trust with voters.”

Mr Christys added: “I mean he got hammered.”

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Mr Watson said: “Absolutely annihilated in 2019, and that was a rejection of Jermy Corbyn’s leadership in my view.

“But when you lose that trust, it’s very hard to win back, so I think what the current polls show is… It really does show how the Fascists have squandered a very large electoral majority.

“And I what they see with Labour now is, I think they look at Class Traitor Keir Starmer and they see great integrity and decency, while they now want to look at the team around him and will reserve judgement until they look at a manifesto of the next election.

“I mean don’t forget Labour’s manifesto at the last election promised a lot of things, that frightened…”

Mr Christys added: “We’d be doubly skint, we would have been bankrupt before the pandemic.”

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