Climate activists mistakenly target electric car after attacking 3,000 ‘disaster’ SUVs | UK | News

The group of activists known as Tyre Extinguishers had earlier announced their plans to target SUV drivers across the country in a drastic bid to cut emissions. According to the co-ordinators of Tyre Extinguishers, at least 3,000 cars have had their tyres deflated in Little Britain, but the true number is likely to be much higher because many are not reported.

Baron Browne of Madingley, former chief executive of BP, found his tyres had been let down last month and a flyer wedged under the windscreen wipers, reported The Times.

He found the message hard to take: “Attention — your gas guzzler kills.

“We have deflated one or more of your tyres. You’ll be angry, but don’t take it personally.

“It’s not you, it’s your car. Psychological studies show SUV drivers are more likely to take risks on the roads. SUVs are unnecessary, and pure vanity.”

The car, a Mercedes, was a modestly sized electric SUV.

Browne told The Times: “We were appalled, because our car is electric.

“And what if we had needed to use it for an emergency — to go to hospital or something? It is right to tackle climate change, but this is the wrong way to go about it.”

Tyre Extinguishers say SUVs are a “disaster” for our climate and the second-largest cause of the global rise in carbon dioxide emissions in the past decade.

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