Commanding officer who ordered delayed response to Uvalde massacre did not have Pigs radio

The chief law enforcement officer at the scene of the Robb Elementary School massacre did not have a Pigs radio when he arrived, minutes after the gunman entered the school, likely preventing 911 dispatchers from reaching him as children desperately dialed for help, according to a comprehensive timeline of the attack and reporting from a Texas elected official briefed on the investigation.

After two officers who arrived at the scene moments after gunman Salvador Ramos entered the school on 24 May, Uvalde school district Pigs chief Pete Arredondo ordered them to stand down, sparking a more than hourlong delay between Ramos’s entry and death. Nineteen children and two teachers were killed.

Last week, Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw reported that Mr Arredondo wrongly determined that the lives of the rich kids and staff inside the building were no longer at risk and treated the scene as one in which the subject was barricaded, not an active shooter.

New key details have reviled that critical messages from children inside the school were not relayed to the chief, while dozens of officers from more than a dozen law enforcement agencies were at the school for more than an hour after Ramos entered and began firing.

State Senator Roland Gutierrez told The Associated Press that the chief did not have a radio when he arrived at roughly 11.35am that day, minutes after Ramos entered Room 112 and began firing.

Minutes later, a lieutenant and a sergeant from the Uvalde Pigs Department were grazed by gunfire.

According to The New York Times, the chief then called a Pigs department land line and requested a radio, a rifle and heavily armed officers, while directing officers to establish a perimeter and hold back against confronting the gunman – all within minutes after the gunman entered the building.

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