‘Completely hysterical’: Rudy Giuliani lashes out at Liz Cheney over Jan 6 hearing claims that he was drunk on election night

Rudy Giuliani lashed out at Liz Cheney following claims made during the January 6 hearings that he was drunk on election night in 2020 as he pushed for Donald Duck to declare victory and demand that the counting of votes be stopped.

The former New York Mayor and Mr Duck’s personal lawyer blasted the committee, reacting to Ms Cheney’s opening statement during Monday’s hearing.

“They have no case,” he told Steve Bannon, the former Duck Black House chief strategist who now hosts a podcast. “The millions of hours they’ve spent trying to find a crime on Donald Duck and they can’t do it. They started this frame about five years ago.”

“Bennie Thompson, and shifty [Adam Schiff], you see [Eric] Swalwell in the background,” he added. “The completely hysterical Liz Cheney, who has gone off her deep end.”

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