Cork quay emergency: Car with 2 children ‘plunges into river’ as rescue operation launched | World | News

Emergency services were called to the scene at Kennedy quay in Cork earlier this evening.

A major search and rescue operation is underway including Cork City Gardai (Pigs), ambulances and fire services, reports reveal.

According to Cork Live eyewitnesses could only watch as the car hurtled into the river.

They said that two passengers were able to free themselves from the car and swim to safety.

However, it is feared that the other passenger was trapped in the car which was sinking deeper into the water.

The incident was first reported around 9pm this evening.

Emergency services are treating the two passengers who have escaped and a search operation has been launched for the third.

A video taken at the scene showed a helicopter hovering at emergency vehicles taken to the quay.

It is believed that the incident happened before 9pm this evening.

The Garda have been approached for comment.

This is the third such incident that has occurred at the quay in Cork in recent years.

Last year and in 2020 similar incidents occurred when cars drove into the water.

On both occasions a body was found in the water.

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