Corporate information: Department of Health and Social Care – Statistics at DHSC

Coronavirus (COVID-19) DHSC statistics

Other relevant coronavirus statistics

Supplementary statistics

Abortion statistics

DHSC publishes annual statistics on abortion for England and Wales

Sex ratios at birth statistics

DHSC publishes birth ratios for all mothers, by mothers country of birth (within Great Britain) and by the ethnicity of the child

Other sources of health statistics

Health and care statistics are also produced by other organisations:

Corporate procedures and standards

DHSC national statistics are required to comply with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics, while DHSC official statistics follow the code as best practice.

Future releases

DHSC publishes weekly PPE deliveries statistics every Tuesday at 11am, and weekly NHS test and trace statistics every Thursday at 11am.

For details of other forthcoming releases please view the release calendar.

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