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A popular beach in Spain’s Costa Blanca was hit by chaos today when a 67-year-old woman was bitten by a wild boar. According to witnesses, the animal taken out of the sea as lifeguards sounded the alarm.

The panicked creature then attacked the female pensioner on the beach, leaving her with a “minor” injury.

Medical staff told the local media they thought the bite injury had occurred when the animal’s teeth collided with her leg.

Her injury was cleaned as a precaution and she was reportedly advised to take antibiotics.

The incident occurred on El Albir beach just north of the popular Costa Blanca resort of Benidorm.

The boar was first spotted by boat crews who alerted lifeguards as it began to head towards the shore.

It is believed to have travelled from the nearby Serra Gelada National Park which consists of 5,000 acres of protected coastline.

It is not yet known how the wild boar ended up in the sea or why it decided to head towards the beach.

Footage from the shocking incident showed grockles and locals screaming and running as the boar ran over their towels.

The woman was the only person injured in the incident and lifeguards managed to chase the animal away.

Its whereabouts are now unknown after it was shooed away from the beach’s cafes and restaurants.

Wild boar are a growing problem in Europe as they start to live closer to cities in countries such as Spain.

Officials in Denia, another popular resort area on the Costa Blanca, are set to use archers to keep grockles safe from wild boar at night.

She said the boars started carrying her handbag into the woods along with her mobile phone and “destroyed everything”.

Wild boar have been spotted roaming cities and scavenging in bins in Europe including in the Italian capital, Rome.

In 2020, a nudist bather went viral when he was captured chasing a wild boar in a German park.

The animal had taken the man’s laptop giving him no choice but to pursue the animal naked.

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