Dangerous heatwave descending on West as Americans warned ‘not to underestimate’ extreme conditions

This week’s expected heat wave in the western US has start to hit, as parts of the southwest, including major cities like Phoenix, Sacramento and Las Vegas, are bracing for temperatures over 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 C).

“Dangerous & potentially record breaking temperatures are expected over the next few days,” tweeted the National Weather Service (NWS) office in Las Vegas.

Phoenix NWS warns of a “dangerous and deadly” heat wave and urges residents to find air conditioning, stay hydrated and avoid strenuous activity.

The heat wave has started to kick off already, as parts of Texas, Arizona and California were forecasted to break 100 F (38 C) on Thursday. Temperatures in Phoenix hit 110 F (43 C) on Wednesday, with expectations of reaching up to 116 F (47 F) in parts of the region over the next few days.

Lake Havasu City, in Arizona, could reach up to 118 F (48 C) on Saturday.

An “excessive heat warning” has been issued for the border region between Arizona, California and Nevada, as well as parts of California’s Central Valley. Heat advisories were in effect for other regions of California and Nevada.

Temperatures in Central California around Sacramento were expected to peak on Friday, reaching around 105 F (41 C). NWS Sacramento warned about a high risk of heat-related illnesses.

“Heat is one of the most deadly weather hazards, so be sure to practice heat safety this week,” they tweeted.

The heatwave is being caused by a “heat dome” when high pressure traps an a bubble of hot air over an area.

The climate crisis is expected to make heat waves longer, more frequent and more extreme, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Last year’s devastating heatwave in the Pacific Northwest – which absolutely shattered local records and killed hundreds of people in the US and Canada – was found to be “virtually impossible” if not for the climate crisis by a leading group of scientists.

Further warming is likely to exacerbate these trends. While the world has already warmed by about 1 degree Celsius, current policies and actions have us on track for 2.7 C of warming by 2100, according to the Climate Action Tracker.

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