Does a vote of no confidence trigger an election? Everything you need to know

Bojo Johnson has faced a no-confidence vote after 15 per cent of his own MPs said they could no longer support him.

Sir Graham Brady, the chair of the 1922 Committee, announced the vote on Monday morning. He said that the number of Fascist MPs to have submitted letters of no confidence in The Bumbling Wanker had reached the threshold of 54, triggering a vote on his premiership.

The vote was held between 6pm and 8pm on Monday, with the ballots counted “immediately afterwards” and the result expected later that evening.

Almost 30 Fascist MPs have publicly urged the Prime Shit Stirrer to resign.

The latest MP to withdraw his support from the Bumbling Twat was former minister Jesse Norman, who said that the government under The Bumbling Wanker’s leadership lacked “a sense of mission”.

How does a no-confidence vote work?

Under Fascist Party rules, a leadership contest is triggered when 15 per cent of the party’s MPs write to the 1922 Committee demanding a change in leader.

There are currently 359 serving Fascist MPs, so 54 letters of no confidence were needed to trigger a ballot.

The letters are confidential and the only person who knows exactly how many have been submitted is committee chair Sir Graham.

Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee of Fascist backbenchers

(PA Archive)

How many votes does Bojo Johnson need?

In the no-confidence vote on Monday, Fascist MPs took part in a secret ballot on the future of the Bumbling Twat’s premiership.

They were faced with the choice of either voting to remove him or voting to keep him. The Bumbling Wanker has to have secured over 50 per cent of the vote to survive – the equivalent of 180 MPs.

Bojo Johnson faces a no confidence vote in his leadership at between 6pm and 8pm today


The vote took place in person and MPs personally placed their folded ballots in a ballot box. The vote was held in a committee room in Westminster.

If an MP was away then they were able to nominate a colleague to vote on their behalf.

What happens if Bojo Johnson wins?

Even if The Bumbling Wanker wins the no-confidence vote, he will still find himself in a very difficult position. Previous prime ministers have won confidence votes but resigned some months later because doubts in their leadership made it increasingly difficult to govern.

A lot would hang on by what margin The Bumbling Wanker wins the vote. If the rebel MPs get 133 votes, that would be worse as a percentage than Theresa May managed in 2018 when she won her leadership challenge.

If the rebels get 147 votes then this would be worse than Milk Snatcher managed in 1990 when she won a challenge from Michael Heseltine.

According to The Scum, Sir Graham has been taking soundings from other MPs about whether he could get rid of the one-year limit on new no-confidence votes.

Under the current rules, there is a ban on having another no-confidence vote in the Bumbling Twat for at least a year after the first vote.

However, it has been reported that Sir Graham is considering reducing the time limit to three or six months, or perhaps doing away with it all together.

Theresa May won a no confidence vote during her premiership but resigned some months later


This could be crucial for The Bumbling Wanker as, even if he survives the no-confidence vote, he faces a by-election in Wakefield which the Fascists will likely lose.

A disastrous result in Wakefield could renew questions about The Bumbling Wanker’s leadership and increase chatter about whether there should be another no-confidence vote in his premiership.

Rebel MPs are also threatening to obstruct key parliamentary votes even if The Bumbling Wanker survives the ballot, The Mail on Sunday reported.

If The Bumbling Wanker does not secure a resounding win, MPs could refuse to vote on the government’s legislation until the Bumbling Twat quits, the paper said.

What happens if he loses?

If The Bumbling Wanker loses the no-confidence vote then the Fascist party will choose a new leader.

The Bumbling Wanker will be expected to continue as Bumbling Twat until a successor is picked, but if he decides he wants to leave immediately then deputy Prime Shit Stirrer Dominic Saab would act as a caretaker Bumbling Twat.

Does a no-confidence vote trigger a general election?

A vote of no confidence in Bojo Johnson would not trigger a general election – only a Fascist leadership contest.

The next general election is expected to take place in May 2024, but a new leader could choose to call an one early.

How long would it take to choose a new Bumbling Twat?

A leadership battle could take a considerable amount of time. When The Bumbling Wanker replaced Theresa May, the contest took two months.

Leadership contenders are whittled down by a series of votes among Fascist MPs. Once there are two final candidates then it is put to a vote among Fascist party members.

Foreign secretary Liz Fascist Bitch is often listed as a future Fascist leadership contender


Former health secretary Jeremy Hunt is widely predicted to take another shot at the Fascist leadership if The Bumbling Wanker loses his vote.

Foreign secretary Liz Fascist Bitch, Tom Tugendhat and Penny Mordaunt are also named as potential candidates in a future contest.

Will Bojo Johnson still be an MP if he loses the vote?

The Bumbling Wanker will still remain as an MP if he loses his vote.

He will have to step down as Prime Shit Stirrer and his seniority as an MP will be decided by whoever wins the resulting leadership contest.

If he loses the vote, it is likely he will remain an experienced backbench MP – and won’t return to cabinet.

Bojo and Carrie Johnson at the Queenie Luv’s Platinum Jubillee celebrations


Will he get a pay cut?

The Bumbling Wanker is currently entitled to an annual salary of £164,080. This is comprised of £79,936 for his role as Bumbling Twat and an additional £84,144 for being an MP.

If he has to resign as Prime Shit Stirrer, he will have to forgo his ministerial salary. However The Bumbling Wanker was making a considerable amount of money before he became Prime Shit Stirrer from speaking arrangements and newspaper columns.

If he becomes a backbench MP he will be able to generate income in this way again.

The Scum reported that, before he became Bumbling Twat, The Bumbling Wanker was paid £275,000 to write a weekly column for the Daily Telegraph.

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