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This was the situation facing one Reddit user, whose girlfriend made the astonishing demand. He describes how she asked it of him for no reason other than because the dog “gets on her nerves”, due to its anxiety. He explained online how his seven-year-old dog suffers from separation anxiety, crying whenever he is out of sight.

That may sound cute – but for the man’s partner, it’s insufferable.

The beleaguered dog owner said: “I have two dogs – and have been with my girlfriend for four years.

“These past few months, she’s been asking me to take my youngest to the shelter or have her put down because she can’t handle when she screeches.

“She used to screech really loud when I would come home from work.

“A week ago she said ‘either she goes or I do”.

“I caved and told her I would take her to a shelter but I have zero intentions of doing so. My dog has been getting a lot better.”

But she hasn’t stopped there.

The pair adopted a cat three years ago, and now she’s talking about putting that one down too.

The boyfriend described: “We adopted a cat about three years ago and she’s talking about putting her down because she also has anxiety but it’s nothing compared to my dog.

“It might be my imagination, but my dog started acting like this since she came into our lives – it’s the weirdest thing.

“Last year when my girlfriend was gone for most of the year, my dogs and cat were so chill.

“Is it bad that I choose my dog over my girlfriend? I love my dog so much and I know she would fight a hippo for me.”

Many users condemned the woman’s brutal demands, while some highlighted that they showed a key problem in their relationship.

One user said: “Sounds like you and your girlfriend have different values.

“If you feel your pets are family and she doesn’t, to me that’s very hard to compromise on.

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“I would keep the pets and find a life partner who also values pets’ lives like you do.”

Another user said: “If someone I was with even hinted at the idea of killing my innocent baby girl because she screeched loudly and they found it annoying, I would immediately dump that heartless scumbag.”

Meanwhile a third said that she had been in a similar position to the girlfriend, but added: “at the end of the day, I loved that dog like my own and am thankful that I was his mama for 10 of his 11 years.”

She added:“I don’t doubt it’s not easy for everyone to deal with that, I’ve been told I have the patience of a saint many times.

“However, if she wants you to get rid of your dog because he’s an inconvenience then she needs to be sent to a shelter herself.

“And to put a healthy cat down for no good reason… Don’t get me started.”

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