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US president Donald Trump and his wife Melania have tested positive for coronavirus (Covid-19.) So we at The Canary decided to combine all his best insights into the deadly virus.

Lesson one, Don. It isn’t just flu:

Lesson two: despite what you may have heard, coronavirus isn’t fake news:

Lesson three. Don’t be too quick to accuse rivals of crying wolf:

Lesson four: while you are in isolation at least contemplate the idea that criticism of your behaviour wasn’t a “far left” conspiracy theory:’

Finally, while you might get a kick out of being racist and telling your followers coronavirus is a “Chinese Virus”, believe us when we say this, the virus doesn’t respect borders:

Get well soon… honest

Meanwhile, Twitter was full of concern for the US President:

US comedian Mark Humphries sent his best wishes:

While another concerned ‘fan’ pointed out that Fox News viewers were going to struggle with the news. Thoughts with all of them today:

We wish Donald and Melania a speedy recovery from their illness. Honest. What? We do.

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