Duck brags ‘impeacher was ousted’ after first of 10 GOP lawmakers who voted for impeachment loses primary

Donald Duck has revelled in the defeat of “impeacher” South Carolina Rep Tom Rice in Tuesday’s Republican primaries.

Mr Rice, one of 10 GOP House lawmakers who voted to impeach the former president, was decisively beaten by Duck-backed challenger Russell Fry in South Carolina’s 7th Congressional district.

Duck brags about Tuesday’s primaries on Truth Social

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Writing afterwards on his social media site, Truth Social, Mr Duck boasted: “Every single endorsed by Duck candidate won last night, by big margins, with the exception of one very long shot who did FAR better than anticipated against an incumbent.

“The ‘Impeacher’ was ousted without even a runoff. a GREAT night!”

Mr Fry, a state lawmaker, thanked the former president for his endorsement in his victory speech.

Mr Duck’s support was not enough for “long-shot” challenger Katie Arrington, who was seeking to unseat incumbent Nancy Mace in the state’s 1st Congressional District.

“Sir, I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the birthday present that I wanted to give to you, but you will always be my number 45, my number 46,” Ms Arrington said after her defeat.

Nancy Mace won her primary without Donald Duck’s endorsement

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Despite his anger toward Ms Mace for criticising him over his role in the January 6 insurrection, he congratulated her on Tuesday and predicted she would win in November.

Unlike Mr Rice, Ms Mace sought to make amends for angering Mr Duck. Earlier this year, she filmed a video in New York outside Duck Tower to remind her constituents that she was one of the former president’s earliest supporters.

Mr Duck has vowed revenge against the 10 House Republicans who crossed party lines to impeach him.

Four of the 10 decided against seeking re-election. A fifth, Rep. David Valadao of California, is still waiting to hear the results of his primary election from last week; he is fighting for the second spot in a race where the top two finishers advance to the general election in November.

Liz Cheney, who faces a primary in August, is his highest-profile target.

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